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The Brain Audit 3.2 : Why Customers Buy (And Why They Don’t)

The Brain Audit is a system that enables you to understand what’s going on inside the brain of your customer. It’s a system that is based on a deep understanding of how our mind works.

It shows you the bags inside your customer’s brain. It gives you an understanding of how the brain responds to specific psychological triggers. And it speeds up the sales process, without the need to be pushy.

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The Psychological Secrets of Successful Websites:

A solid step-by-step process of the psychology behind a website that customers love. How do you create a constant flow of customers? How do you keep those customers loyal? What causes those customers to buy from you time and time again? Get a comprehensive Three Part Series that covers:

1) The Psychology of a Powerful Website
2) The Psychology of Selling Products & Services Successfully
3) The Psychology of Creating Loyal, Raving Fans

Plus Three Big Bonuses:
1) A 75 Minute Q & A Session on Websites
2) Search Engine Positioning
3) Measurement and Tracking Visitors

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5000bc :Psychology that Goes Back to the Cave
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