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As you troll through the internet, invariably you will run through several websites where the font is way too small for you.

This is a curse, because the guys who design the websites are bright eyed bushy tailed 17 year olds, with 20/20 vision.

You can also rant and rave, or you can DO SOMETHING about it

There are a few ways to beat the system and we've provided two for you here

Our Site Customisation

At the foot of every page you will see the following tools

Here's what each button will achieve in changing the site for you:

Click on this image and the font size will increase

Click on this image and the font size will decrease

Click on this image and the font size will return to the default

Click on this image and you will go to the top of the page

Customise your Firefox Browser

Left Click anywhere within the screen with your mouse

Hold the CTRL key down whilst scrolling down with your mouse scroller.

This will adjust your view of the page.

This will not necessarily work on every website you visit

Customise your Internet Explorer Browser

Here is a graphical step by step system for you to customise your Internet Explorer

font size

Option 1:
In Internet Explorer Tool Bar go to
View>Text Size and Choose Largest.

Because of CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) you might still not be able to see the fonts, at the size you like.

Option 2:
font size

In Internet Explorer Tool Bar go to Tools

Choose Internet Options

Then Accessibility...

Click on both of those circled.

That will allow you to display as you need to and in the font size you like.


questionUnsure About Something?

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Report a bugWhat Bugs You?

Does anything on this website bug you? Nothing is too small or too big.

If there is something we can fix, we'd love to know. In fact, we will give away free product worth US$50 for the best BUG OF THE MONTH!
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