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Who is in 5000bc? And why are they there?

Do you want to hear some gushy stuff about how people lurrrved 5000bc? Or do you want to meet real people? And hear real stories and testimonials?

So what's a real testimonial anyway?

When a customer comes back year after year. When they stay with you. When they think it's worth swiping their credit card to be part of 5000bc — that's a real testimonial. You'll find this testimonial section unvarnished. And real.
Read the testimonials below. You'll see exactly what I mean.

Sean D'Souza
Fire Starter :)

"Part of me is reluctant to share 5000bc with others"

"Part of me is reluctant to share 5000bc with others, because I consider it my secret weapon. My ideas are stronger, I can articulate concepts better and I’m more focused on my projects than ever before.

And while a large portion of the credit here can be give to Sean and his methodologies, the other members of 5000bc deserve credit too. So the other part of me says – come on in! I’d love to meet some other smart, interesting folks. "

Kimberly Carroll, Graphic Designer
Chicago, Illinois

Member since Feb 2003

"I was quite reluctant to sign up to 5000bc"

I was quite reluctant to sign up to 5000bc. I've bought a lot of products and logged on to many websites. There are far too many people on the internet that waste your time, and make grandiose claims to how they hold the absolute — and only key to "making it."

Yet, the more that I read the free articles you have on Psychotactics, and the more that I read about your offerings on Robert Middleton's forum, the more comfortable I became with you. There was a logic to how you explained the behavior of customers. Elsewhere I read a lot of hype and big promises. Your articles made sense. Reading the articles, helped me to better understand the behavior of my customers.

5000 bc has helped me to find good answers to tough questions quickly. I used to spend hours trying to find the answers to some of my marketing and technical questions. Now, I just log in to the Cave and get answers quickly without spinning my wheels. The information on 5000 bc, has helped me become much more focused on what I need to accomplish first with my business. It has helped me save a significant amount of time, and has provided dozens of effective tips to help me think and plan better.

Jeff Simon

Sacramento, CA
Member since 2005

"There are a lot of scam artists on the Internet"

I have been a member of 5000bc for the last year or more (it's been so long, I can't really remember when I joined originally :). At first I was reluctant to join because I just wasn't sure what I'd be paying for. There are a lot of scam artists on the internet that don't deliver on what they promise. What changed my reluctance was the quality and thoroughness of the free articles that Sean made available on Psychotactics.com and it made me wonder how much more treasure would be found behind the members only login.

5000bc is a place to meet other small business owners and internet entrepreneurs that are struggling with the same problems I am. It is a community of like minded people that are more than willing to share their expertise, their experience and their ear. Sean's articles are top notch. If they achieve nothing else, they make you think and look at something differently. The CaveBuddy system specifically has helped me to focus my energies on one or two projects instead of trying to everything at once – it gives you that extra little push, when you feel like throwing in the towel.

Would I recommend membership to 5000bc? Most definitely. You've got nothing to lose and 5000 years worth of good practical solid help and advice to gain.

Yolande Korsten
South Africa
Member since 2003

"I thought they were all going to be big time, serious folks who I wouldn't be able to relate to."

So I joined 5000bc because my business seems to be on the verge of "popping" and I want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to accomodate the growth. It seemed like a natural flow after learning so much at the InfoGuru forum and slowly watching people from the IG forum start talking about what was happening in the Cave. It was sort of the "Hmmm…why are all the geese flying over there? I wanna see what they're seeing." So I came over to take a peek and soak up the goods.

Also, your Camtasia website rip samples were awesome. I was like, "Oh…if this is what's in the cave, I want more of that!" Those were very persuasive.

And yes, I was very reluctant to join. Until I saw that Mark Silver was in the group, I didn't think I'd be able to hang with all the big time business folks. That's the impression I had of 5000bc. That they were all going to be big time, serious folks who I wouldn't be able to relate to and wouldn't have anything to offer to, and who might not be very patient with me.

But now that I'm in, I see that I was totally mistaken. I mean, there might be big time serious business people in there, but they're definitely not hard to relate to! I can already see where I can contribute to the group, and I haven't seen one bit of impatience in the whole bunch!

Everyone seems to have a really fun sense of humor and on the first day alone after introducing myself I had 9 very sweet welcome notes! And there's something really wonderful about having everyone's picture next to the posts. It really feels like I'm with them and that we're sharing things with each other.

I'm excited to become a part of the cave world.

Mona Grayson, Independent Consultant
Costa Mesa, California
Member since July 2005

"When I first saw the link to 5000 B.C. I skipped right over it. "

"When I first saw the link to 5000 B.C., I skipped right over it.

'Fluff,' I thought.

So what got me to sign up? I wanted to ask Sean some marketing questions directly. I figured it would be worth slogging through the other posts just to read what Sean would say. Boy, was I surprised? Not only did Sean respond immediately, but the quality of the other member's comments and posts was top shelf. The answers to my first question alone were worth the membership fee."

Mackay Rippey, Acupunturist/Trainer

New York
Member since Oct 2004

"I was apprehensive about was how much I would actually USE the resources."

I've purchased a number of information products and memberships on the web. Some of them have been valuable resources, and some have been far less than wonderful.

I wasn't apprehensive about purchasing something else from Sean. I'd already benefitted from his many articles and responses on other forums and groups, and I use the concepts from The Brain Audit all the time.

What I was apprehensive about was how much I would actually USE the resources that were sure to be found at 5000BC. Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach, so to speak, and I buy things that sit and are never consumed. Or else I get into a learning mood and have so many resources I can be overwhelmed. I guess I want "just-in-time" learning.

So I took a chance, knowing Sean's business model of giving, giving, giving, and always exceeding expectations.

What I have found is a diverse community of like-minded people, intent on sharing their expertise with those who need it-in the moment they need it!

Sean also works hard at encouraging his participants to actually consume what they purchase from him. There are new discussions started to expand on a recent article, or there are nifty questions that cause us to think beyond what we'd come up with on our own. I visit The Cave on a daily basis, bacause I realize now how much relevant material it has-just in time!

One of the best things about being a part of 5000BC is that I have given up looking for the next good idea somewhere else. I've read Alan Weiss, Peter Block, Joe Vitale, gotten ezines by Alex Mandosian, Dan Kennedy, and John Forde. They all have good things to say, and lots to say! Sean seems to distill the best of those on the forefront and saves me a ton of time and energy. And he doesn't seem to shout, either…

I don't need to hunt through amazon.com or my local bookstore to find another book that I don't have time to read. And I no longer need to search the web for technical information. Almost any resource I want is available in The Cave.

Even better, I now have new friends on three continents and an invitation to a party in New Zealand in January. How cool is that?

Alice Wojcio

Member since 2004

 "I asked for, and got my money back!"
"True story: When I bought the membership for the first version of 5000BC I asked for, and got my money back. I just didn't get it. Why should I pay for a site where they analyse other people's marketing stuff, where they have forums with other people's problems?
Later Sean sent me an email promo of a product discount that I already bought for full price, so for pain relief I got a guest password for the new 5000BC. It was aaaaalllll different!
Do you know what it's like when you have a marketing problem at midnight and you go crazy? Well, not if you're a 5000BC member! It's got checklists, articles, forums — meaning you post a question and by the time you wake up the next morning you have ten people just like you, sharing ideas, experiences and advice.
There is just no other place like this, please come and join, we existing members are happy to help you tackle your problem while you browse the rest of this huge resource site!"

Gabor Wolf,  Marketing Consultant
Budapest, Hungary
Member, Non-Member and Member again


"A few changes, and I was amazed at the increase in the number of subscribers!"

It took me a whole month to decide to join 5000bc. I signed up for a free newsletter and it was then I wanted to have more.

Now that I'm within 5000bc, here's what I have to say. From website layout, copywriting and sales psychology to humor and a good pick me up…No other website can hold a candle to the help given in Sean's membership site.

I've learned how to structure, organize and position web design so that it can be better seen and understood by my customers…..rather than by myself. After reading just a few articles after joining, I made a few simple changes to my web page and I was amazed at the increase in subscribers that very first day!

Jean Haas
Member since 2005

"What I learned from that skewering might ultimately be worth a year's salary!"

"What I learned from that skewering (in Cave Chat) might ultimately be worth a year's salary!"

Michael Webb, Sales Process Improvement Consultant
Chicago, USA

Member since 2003

"I'm learning yet more ways to skin my cats!"

Sean came highly recommended by the folks at FutureNow Inc.for whom I have a high regard, and so I signed up right away.

Sean is constantly introducing fresh and unique approaches in many aspects of business. The valuable information at 5000bc is helping me work smarter on both my online and offline businesses.

I'm getting a lot more done on my projects by using the buddy system Sean has introduced at the Cave Chat. It's like having a
business and life coach at all times. Also, from the valuable content Sean provides, I've been coming up with ideas for my businesses I wouldn't have thought of otherwise. Besides all that, Sean is very active in the Cave, where I'm learning yet more ways to skin my cats — as well as gaining yet more knowledge from all the high-quality members at the very active Cave Chat.

Barbara Camisa
Member since 2005

"You will pay more for an ad in the local paper for a week, than you'll pay for a full year's service."

"I'd say that in the early days 5000BC helped tremendously with my learning curve — about how people think and react to the way we communicate ideas online. In the beginning I was looking to learn — and the techniques and ideas I had critiqued in 5000BC's forums, were very helpful.

Now after all this time, I'd say that 5000BC is still useful to me to get opinions and fresh ideas from some very smart people. I can't go to any other forums to have ideas critiqued by people whom have all read the Brain Audit anywhere else.

I'd recommend this to any small business who needs to learn to improve and evolve their marketing communication. The price should not be an issue. You will pay more for an ad in the local paper for a week, than you'll pay for a full year's service. Plus there's the friendship and contacts that you'll get from 5000BC and the Cave. "

Steve Jackson, Measurement/Tracking Expert
Turku, Finland
Member since Feb 2003

"Too many "marketing gurus" out there, throw information at you, and then dump you out on your own!"

"When a friend referred me to Psychotactics/5000BC, I could feel immediately that it was what I needed to take my business to the next level. I saw the two membership options, and the value of the monthly interviews really made it a no-brainer decision, especially when I realized where this could take me over a year's time. Too many "marketing gurus" out there throw information at you and then dump you out on your own – but in 5000BC you have ongoing support and new materials coming out all the time.

Since joining, I have developed the marketing foundation I've been thirsty for (and others promised, but never delivered), a clear sense of how to take any idea – and my entire business structure – from concept to completion, and perhaps most importantly, I now know how to let go of ideas that seem good, but don't fit with where I'm going. It has streamlined my work and my thought processes.

I'm now getting raving feedback from my eZine, which I credit to the distinctions I learned from Sean's copywriting expertise. It's
shorter, tighter, and easier to write than ever – and my subscribers love it.

It's a great feeling to know that my search for information to further my business is done. The articles, the interviews, the website rips, and the richness in The Cave – each of these alone is worth the price of admission. The only trouble I have now is deciding which program of Sean's to buy next!"

Adam Kayce
Sarasota, Florida
Member since May 2005

The Cave is one of the best places for virtual masterminding you'll find online."

"The members of 5000bc are what make the cave so warm and pleasant. There are people from every field who are Members of the Cave.

Programmers, Designers, Writers, Bed Store owners, Salesmen – almost everyone you can think of. The wide experience of people present in the cave have led to some great conversations and brain storming sessions. The Cave is one of the best places for virtual masterminding you'll find online."

Ankesh Kothari,  Solo Entrepreneur
Michigan, USA

Member since Feb 2002

I have to admit I've tested Sean

Was I reluctant to join 5000bc? Not really, as far as I remember. I think, "intrigued" describes better my initial feeling.
I was intrigued by the openness, the directness of the approach. The tone-of-voice too. My inner voice kept telling me "There must be a trick somewhere.

Where on the web do you find a place where there are no secrets, no tricks, no hanky-panky, just sound, down-to-earth, personal advice?

I was intrigued by this down-to-earth approach. When you're used to reading "high brow" marketing web content, you're surprised by the simple, step-by-step advice given on 5000bc. No fuss, no hype. Instead, I read simple advice inspired by day-to-day practical experience. The advice is easy to understand and feasible to implement (when you're willing to implement!). And best of all, the advice really "works"!

I am intrigued by your Sean's promptness too. I have to admit I've tested Sean (oh well because I was reluctant :- I guess, because there a lot of people out there pretending…). Thought you made use of an auto- responder to reply to messages. The moment I realised that this wasn't true, I was "sold".

I was already convinced of the intrinsic value of what Sean offers, before I tipped over. I was expecting a lot. And I received even more. Sean has this wonderful gift to make people believe in themselves, to "seduce them into life" — and actually make them do something with the knowledge they gain.. Maybe it's because Sean is open with us. Because he doesn't hide or cover up things. There were many occasions where some else would have chosen the easy way-out. But not Sean. My trust remains intact after all these months.

I was paralysed by the number of things I have to do each day in my business. 5000bc keeps me going through it all. 5000bc not only feels right. I now know where I am heading.

Luuk Christiaens
Member since 2004

5000bc is determined to help you get past the madness of your business.

At 5000bc, fluff goes out of the window.

You only get real examples. No theory. Ahem…Membership to 5000bc is very affordable. You can sign up for as little as $29 a quarter. If you want to reclaim the sanity in your business…get rid of that strait jacket and clickety-click below:

The Benefits of Membership to 5000bc



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