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Sean D’Souza
Fire Starter :)

“If you want to be ethical as well as successful in your business, you will absorb a lot of this (practical stuff, not just philopsophy) in 5000bc.”

(And if you want to be more integrated in your business, more yourself – which equates to more relaxed, more productive, generally happier – then you can pick this up from Sean & 5000 BC too).

Psychotactics is about Sean offering himself and his business as a model for you. And 5000BC is the heart of Psychotactics. It’s where everyone who wants to learn more, hangs out.
It’s not that Sean is any sort of guru or master, self-proclaimed or otherwise. But he practices mastery, and that is something much more intriguing. Sean is a master of mastery, if you like. And it’s something that you can have, too.

Help, information, support

If you approach 5000BC as a source of information, well, you will get lots of that, in-depth and top quality too. Sean regularly posts stuff that he later goes on to develop into paid information products, on all sorts of topics.It includes information about setting up a business and marketing it, as well as all the bits and pieces that go into it: putting a website together, writing your sales page, developing your business strategy.But it doesn’t stop there… the most recent “Vanishing Report” was on how to take better photos with your iPhone. (Sean reduced it down to 3 simple, effective tweaks – complete with illustrations, of course.)

I’d say it’s worth joining, just for the information. But there is more…

I’ve learned a lot from the discussions on 5000BC. People ask questions, about their business and all sorts of other things, and I’ve found I can often learn more from these discussions than from a finished instructional report. That’s because you get the full process, not just the finished result. And for me, that’s a much better way to learn & understand something.

There is also a huge amount of guidance and support, from Sean and others, for specific issues you might have about your business and other things as well. If you have questions or want some feedback or support, it’s all available.

Learning through modelling

However, the part that has been most value for me has been the way Sean offers himself up as a model to copy (or modify with your own tweaks). This applies to 5000BC and also to all of the Psychotactics courses (which you will have inside access to, as a 5000BC member).

So here are some of the things you can learn if you approach 5000BC in this way

Sean is a superb teacher – and if you want you can model him and get some of this for yourself: some great ideas about how to teach just about anything.

How to manage your time and energy productively. Sean talks a lot about this, and again, it is mostly stuff he shares about his own process, and what works for him. You might not want to be even half as productive as Sean – his output is truly amazing – but being more efficient has advantages in just about anything you do. And you might find that other strategies work better for you. But you’ll get a lot of ideas about not only specific strategies, but the process as well.

How to stay in integrity in your marketing & your business. Integrity has a lot of connotations and they all fit. It includes the meaning of “ethical”, and going a bit deeper, it is related to the word “integrated” which is a good thing to be too. If you want to be ethical as well as successful in your business, you will absorb a lot of this (practical stuff, not just philopsophy). And if you want to be more integrated in your business, more yourself – which equates to more relaxed, more productive, generally happier – then you can pick this up from Sean & 5000 BC too.

How to use mistakes and feedback to improve your business (or your skill or implementation of anything at all). One of the fascinating things about Sean is that he is completely transparent about everything he does, and shares his mistakes – and how he is working on them. In 5000BC it’s implicit, since your level of participation is up to you. It’s a principle that underpins 5000BC and everything in Psychotactics.

Sean leads by example… he talks about the things he has done right, and the things he has done wrong, and how he has corrected as he gone along. And it’s an ongoing process – I can guarantee that right now (or at some point today – depending on your time zone) Sean is working on improving something, whether it is a piece of writing, a cartoon, a course, or something else.

And because he freely shares his own process, you become more confident about experimenting, making mistakes yourself and learning from them. It’s a simple principle but don’t be fooled – most of us need to be reminded over & over again. Once you get that, the sky is truly the limit… you will discover you can fly!

You don’t have to join 5000BC to learn all of these things – maybe you can get them somewhere else. But they are hard to find, and harder to maintain for yourself.

In business and especially in marketing, I found I was surrounded by people whose core belief and goal is to make more money with less work.

Expertise is packaged as an instant commodity, available on purchase of some e-book or video course. It’s hard to resist the lure of this mindset when you are exposed to it so continuously!

Integrity is powerful stuff, and it sends a clear note out into the world. 5000BC is a community of people who have resonated to this note, and they make it easier to choose integrity for yourself.

I’ve found a lot of value in all of these different aspects of 5000BC. And I haven’t anywhere near explored all of it yet. The gold for me, however, is in being exposed to the practice of mastery and learning how to apply it for myself.

It was hard for me to put in words why I was attracted to 5000BC or what I wanted from it, until I started to understand this. The benefits people talked about didn’t really explain it, for me. But once I realised that there is a ton of deeper stuff that I really, really want, then it all made sense.

So if this resonates with you, give it a go.

There is a lot of stuff on offer: great marketing and business information, community support, personal advice.

And the opportunity to learn about and practice mastery in all sorts of different ways.

Mara Dall

“When I first saw the link to 5000bc, I skipped right over it.’Fluff,’ I thought.”

So what got me to sign up? I wanted to ask Sean some marketing questions directly. I figured it would be worth slogging through the other posts just to read what Sean would say.

Boy, was I surprised?

Not only did Sean respond immediately, but the quality of the other member’s comments and posts was top shelf. The answers to my first question alone were worth the membership fee.

Mackay Rippey, Acupunturist/Trainer, 
New York, USA
Member since Oct 2004

“The members of 5000bc are what make the cave so warm and pleasant. There are people from every field who are members of the Cave.”

Programmers, Designers, Writers, Bed Store owners, Salesmen – almost everyone you can think of. The wide experience of people present in the cave have led to some great conversations and brain storming sessions.

The Cave is one of the best places for virtual masterminding you’ll find online.

Ankesh Kothari,  Solo Entrepreneur
Mumbai, India
Member since Feb 2002

5000bc is determined to help you get past the madness of your online business.


At 5000bc, fluff goes out of the window.

You only get real people and real help. No theory. If you want to reclaim the sanity in your business, and move ahead then join us.
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